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Geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt that has captivated adventurers of all ages, evolving into a must-find activity over the past few years. Similar to scavenger hunting, geocachers embark on a quest to discover hidden “cache boxes.” These can take various forms, ranging from traditional containers to creatively disguised items, and may contain treasures such as travel bugs or codes leading to grand prizes.

Explore Jackson County’s History

Immerse yourself in the unique Spanish colonial history of Jackson County with the Jackson Historic Geotrail. This captivating geocaching experience comprises 11 caches strategically placed around the county, seamlessly intertwining with the Spanish Heritage Trail. As you embark on this geocaching adventure, you’ll not only uncover hidden treasures but also delve into the rich history that shaped Jackson County.

To fully experience the Jackson Historic Geotrail and earn your well-deserved bragging rights, complete the trail by finding all 11 caches. Download the official geocaching form specifically crafted for the Jackson Historic Geotrail, guiding you through the exciting journey of discovery. Along the way, capture the essence of each cache location and uncover the hidden stories that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Jackson County.

To complete the trail and obtain your path tags, download your Jackson Historic Geotrail geocaching form.