Jackson County offers an array of things to do. Take your pick of outdoors recreation, underground exploration, or historical and cultural education. Take advantage of our numerous and beautiful waterways. Canoe and kayak scenic Chipola River or relax while tubing down Spring Creek. Swim in Blue Springs Recreation Area, or fish for Bass in Lake Seminole. Take a look into history and culture by visiting a multitude of historical sites. The question is not “What do we do?” The question is, “What do we do first?”

NOTICE: Jackson County Public Works has planned for a six-foot draw down of Merritt’s Mill Pond during the Fall of 2020 to complete renovations to the head wall at Jackson Blue Springs Recreation Area. Other improvements to the park will be completed during the traditional closed season, with the park scheduled to open on Memorial Day weekend in 2021. Please check the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners website and Facebook page for updates.