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Cave Diving

Certified cave divers from 28 countries and 50 states have experienced fresh water cave diving on Merritt’s Mill Pond. Jackson Blue Springs crystal clear water is a first magnitude spring, a steady stream of bubbles emerges, causing schools of fish to change course. Under a popular summer swimming hole is an underground world described as one of a kind beauty in the cave diving world.

According to Cave Adventurers owner Edd Sorenson, this unique cave system is one of the most beautiful and best-kept secrets. There are miles of caves to explore at Blue Springs and six more on Merritt’s Mill Pond.

Unveiling the Beauty Below

Cave diving is an unparalleled sport that grants access to places rarely seen by the general public. Unlike dry caves filled with dirt, rocks, and bugs, water-filled caves present a glistening and pristine environment.

Edd Sorenson describes the caves as, the first time in here, it was so white and beautiful I thought wow, this beats all the stuff down there.” It didn’t take long for Edd to take up permanent residence in Marianna. “I liked it so much, I was looking for a place in Florida to live, so I found that house I bought, sold all the stuff I could sell, and moved here.”

Soon after, Edd established Cave Adventurers to guide avid cave divers out to the lesser-known, pristine springs of Jackson County. While Blue Springs is the showiest and most-accessible, thanks to Blue Springs Recreation Park, Merritts Mill Pond contains a string of springs that divers enjoy exploring.

“The caves bring the people in,” said Edd Sorenson, known nationwide among the cave diving community, relying on word-of-mouth to bring thousands to these dive spots each year. “I just make sure that they’re happy and comfortable.”

Plan Your Cave Diving Adventure

Dive permits are essential for exploring the submerged wonders of Jackson County. All divers must obtain a county permit before diving, and for an unforgettable experience, contact Cave Adventurers at (850) 482-6016. Edd Sorenson and his team ensure that every diver is not only happy but comfortable during their subterranean journey.