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Where to eat in Alford

Michael D’s BBQ

“Best BBQ I’ve ever had!” “Huge portions, reasonable prices.” These are just a couple of things you’ll say after every visit to Michael D’s” BBQ in Alford, FL.

Known for its delicious pork sandwiches, this cozy restaurant has been home to the freshest cuts of beef and pork in town since 2020. As a locally owned establishment Michael D’s is accustomed to providing a casual yet pleasant experience where everyone is treated like family.

The best thing about BBQ restaurants is the down-home, relaxing atmosphere you enjoy as you devour a succulent pork plate or tender beef brisket. The “Come just as you are” mentality has made Michael D’s a beloved staple in Alford. By staying true to traditional flavors and emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction, Michael D’s is set to remain a fan favorite for locals and visitors alike. Ask anyone in town, “Where can I get some good BBQ?” The answer is sure to be “Michael D’s!”

The Cove at Compass Lake

Enjoy a tranquil dining experience at The Cove, nestled on the shores of Compass Lake in Alford, FL. Renowned for its scenic views and delightful menu, this spot offers a juicy 1/3lb hamburger and expertly prepared ribeye steaks. With its inviting atmosphere and picturesque lakeside setting, The Cove promises a memorable meal where every visit feels like a serene getaway.

Lil Pesce’s Italian and Seafood

Discover the rich tastes of Italy and the ocean at Lil Pesce’s restaurant in Alford, FL. Known for its authentic Italian dishes paired with fresh seafood, this family-owned restaurant offers a cozy, romantic ambiance. Lil Pesce’s combines warm hospitality with culinary excellence, making it a beloved dining destination for both locals and visitors.


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE: Some establishments may be closed or only offering take-out options at the moment.  Please contact businesses directly or check out our COVID-19 Blog Post for more information.