This season, we invite you to embrace the joy of the holidays and create cherished memories here in Jackson County.

Fir and Festivity: Christmas Tree Farm Delights

Begin your holiday at Powell’s Tree Farm, where you will hear the laughter of families embarking on a timeless tradition. Choose your tradition, whether you prefer the thrill of cutting your own or selecting from pre-cut options. Make this moment a cherished family tradition and capture the essence of the season.

Cut your own tree or pick from pre-cut trees for a fun holiday tradition.
Favorite family tradition: picking out the Christmas tree!

Local Treasures: Shopping Extravaganza

Continue your festive journey by exploring the local shops and boutiques that line the charming streets of Jackson County. Our community takes pride in offering unique, locally crafted gifts that capture the spirit of the region. From handmade ornaments to artisanal goods, each shop tells a story of the talented makers and the rich heritage of our county.

  • Kountry Candy Store: Discover a treasure trove of holiday delights and locally made treats. Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list while supporting our vibrant local businesses.
  • Bespoken Gifts and Antiques: Step into a winter wonderland of gifts and decor at Bespoken. Their curated selection offers visitors a chance to bring home a piece of our festive spirit.

A Wild Hair Salon & Boutique has great options for holiday shopping.

Support Local, Share the Love

This holiday season, we encourage you to embrace the spirit of supporting local businesses like A Wild Hair Salon and Boutique. Every purchase from our local businesses supports the talented artisans and entrepreneurs who make Jackson County unique.

Create Timeless Memories in Jackson County

As you follow our holiday itinerary, you’re not just checking off a list – you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime. Share the warmth, joy, and uniquely Jackson County spirit with your loved ones, making this holiday season truly magical.

We’ve got your trip planned for you!

For a detailed guide to your Jackson County Christmas adventure, visit our website and access the full holiday itinerary for the best Christmas shopping experiences. Discover hidden gems, festive activities, and local treasures that will make your holiday visit unforgettable.