Tucked away in the corner of Northwest Florida sits Jackson County, a place filled with acres of rolling farmlands, antebellum homes, and a bounty of adventure waiting to be discovered.

Cave divers explore one of the caves of Merritt’s Mill Pond in Jackson County, Fl. Photo Credit Courtesy Wes Skiles Photos.

Visitors can get a taste of adventure with the miles of multi-use trails perfect for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and birdwatching.  With nearly 8,000 acres of adventure-fueled activities to be found, the Apalachee Wildlife Management Area is perfect for nature adventurists and is accessible year-round.  For something a little more hands on, test your fishing skills on nearby Lake Seminole.  This 37,500 acre lake is well-known for monster bass that will give an adrenaline rush to any angler – novice or professional.  Jackson County is also home to some of the best hunting land in the state of Florida. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, Bontrager Whitetails in Marianna will surely deliver.  This hunting preserve is a definite one-of-a-kind in the area, offering the only guided hunting trips for trophy whitetail deer.

History plays a huge role in Jackson County and doesn’t go unnoticed when searching for adventures in the area.  Spanish influence from the 1600s has been preserved and incorporated into the Spanish Heritage Geocaching Trail.  Perfect for a day-long adventure, the geocaching trail takes participants around the county to some pretty impressive places. Pathtags can also be collected as a reward for successfully completing the trail.

Of course it wouldn’t be Florida without water, which Jackson County doesn’t run short of.  Home to over 70 springs, the county has endless opportunities for thrill-seeking adventurers in the multiple rivers, creeks, and swimming holes available to the public.  Adventure lovers of all ages will be in awe of the springs, especially the Cliffside ShangriLa. Most of the springs, with the exception of first-magnitude Jackson Blue, are accessible only by boat, making Jackson County an adventure filled heaven for paddlers. The Chipola River winds its way down to the Apalachicola Bay, providing miles of opportunities to seek out springs along the way. After all, the gently flowing river is fed by over 70 springs in its multi-county path, with 63 of them on Jackson County turf.  Don’t forget your mask and snorkel! Spring Creek and Chipola River have been known to hide sharks teeth and arrowheads from centuries past in their soil.

Jackson County also provides something that no other place in Florida does – guided dry-cave tours.  The cavern system at Florida Caverns State Park starts 60 feet underground and takes visitors on a cool trip through the well-preserved formations. But if that’s not enough to satisfy your thrill-seeking side, check out Cave Adventurers.  Located on the 202-acre spring fed reservoir known as Merritt’s Mill Pond, the outfitter offers cave diving excursions to multiple underwater caves. With crystal clear waters and breathtaking caverns, it’s no mystery why divers from around the world travel to Jackson County to explore the caves.

With something for adventure seekers of all kinds – what are you waiting for?  For more information on all the activities Jackson County has to offer, visit our website at  visitjacksoncountyfla.com.  *Note: Florida Caverns State Park remains closed following Hurricane Michael.  We will keep you updated on anticipated reopening dates!