Rent the Russ House

The Historic Russ House has a unique story all its own of an entrepreneur and his family. Visit the Russ House and hear the story of Joseph Russ who built the house in 1895 in a Victorian-style grandiose mansion on the outskirts of Marianna. Five generations of the Russ family lived in the iconic home during the 1900s. They reveled in wealth and prosperity until Joseph Russ lost his fortune and in 1930 ended his life. His daughter, Frances, had no money, however, continued to live in the home hosting parties and events to raise money.

Legend has it that the grandiose mansion has spirits roaming the halls. Whether they are from the Russ family or soldiers from the Battle of Marianna is the question.

The two-story wrap around porch is an eye catcher and one of the best views in Marianna. The home is open for tours Monday-Friday and available to rent on the weekends and evenings and office hours for meetings, weddings, parties, showers, depositions. The house’s capacity is 100 people and also has a full kitchen.

Rental rates are as follows:

Half-Day $75
Full-Day $150

Weekday Rental:
Half-Day $100
Full-Day $200

Weekend Party Rental:
Full-Day $350

Single Day $550
Three Day Rental $1000

For more information please call 850-482-8061.