Cave Diving

Certified cave divers from 28 countries and 50 states have experienced fresh water cave diving on Merritt’s Mill Pond. Jackson Blue Springs crystal clear water is a first magnitude spring, a steady stream of bubbles emerges, causing schools of fish to change course. Under a popular summer swimming hole is an underground world described as one of a kind beauty in the cave diving world.

According to Cave Adventurers owner Edd Sorenson, this unique cave system is one of the most beautiful and best-kept secrets. There are miles of caves to explore at Blue Springs and six more on Merritt’s Mill Pond.

Cave diving is a sport that takes you to places that most people never see. Unlike dry caves, full of dirt, rocks, and bugs, water-filled caves are glistening and pristine.

Edd Sorenson describes the caves as, the first time in here, it was so white and beautiful I thought wow, this beats all the stuff down there.” It didn’t take long for Edd to take up permanent residence in Marianna. “I liked it so much, I was looking for a place in Florida to live, so I found that house I bought, sold all the stuff I could sell, and moved here.”

Soon after, Edd established Cave Adventurers to guide avid cave divers out to the lesser-known, pristine springs of Jackson County. While Blue Springs is the showiest and most-accessible, thanks to Blue Springs Recreation Park, Merritts Mill Pond contains a string of springs that divers enjoy exploring.

“The caves bring the people in,” said Edd Sorenson, known nationwide among the cave diving community, relying on word-of-mouth to bring thousands to these dive spots each year. “I just make sure that they’re happy and comfortable.”

A county permit is required before diving. All divers must contact Cave Adventurers for a permit, 850-482-6016.