Ekanachatte or “Red Ground”
Neal’s Landing Park, State Highway 2 at the Chattahoochee River

Ekanachatte (“Red Ground”) was a Creek Indian village of the 18th and early 19th century. Established in around 1760, it was a large town. British troops camped here during the American Revolution and many of the village’s warriors joined with them on a march east to defend St. Augustine from attacks by American Patriots. The adventurer and pirate William Augustus Bowles visited this town and his treasure is rumored to be hidden nearby. Ekanachatte was destroyed by the U.S. allied Creek brigade of Brig. Gen. William McIntosh in March 1818. It later became an important riverboat port called Neal’s Landing. Paddlewheel steamboats stopped here for passengers, cotton, timber, naval stores and other cargoes. At its height, the landing had a hotel, stores, warehouse and other buildings. Open during daylight hours and free to visit!